Thursday, January 7, 2016

Doodling art weirdo

I have never mentioned this but well I am a major doodler, I am not an artist but hey I do love sketching and doodling just anything. At the moment I love doodling the outer space it is so amazing how beautiful it looks out there and I don't know it fascinates me how beautiful the sky is and trees, on my phone there is more pictures of nature than my self. I also seem to draw eyes and cartoon characters, one character in particular that i always have loved to draw is Winnie the pooh. That bear is honestly my favorite Disney character, that bear represents my passion for food like no joke. I think maybe i will start sharing my lovely not doodles and sketches and all that fun stuff. I hope you like them (: 
(Winnie the pooh) 
( i tried drawing a picture without lifting my pencil from the paper and this was the outcome)

Friday, January 1, 2016

A New Year

It is 2016 !!! My goodness how time flies ...  this year flew by so fast its just unbelievable so many many things have happened this year and I am hoping 2016 is better my goals for this year is to get my GPA higher in school, not stress as much as i did 2015, eat healthier, drink more water, exercise, learn to drive and of course post more . I wont promise i will accomplish all but I sure will try.  I am definitely looking forward for what the year will bring I hope everyone accomplishes their goals and have a wonderful day everyday for the rest of the year

Tips: how to get long and healthier hair

Well my hair is long and i though maybe i give tips on how to getting long and healthy- non burnt hair.

  • For healthy hair, I recommend on not burning your hair with curling or straightening iron. There was a time when i would straighten my hair almost every day for the whole year or curl it which ended up with a few split ends and my hair would get constantly tangled, So i started to stop and i eventually got lazy and all i did was put my hair up in hair buns then later put it down and have my hair a wavy curly type of way it really put my hair to a rest and hey i didn't have to burn it. so yes i do recommend on not burning your hair every day and if you are in the mood of curling or straitening it just add a heat protector liquid and straiten or curl it once or twice every month.(my hair bun) 

  • Something i add into my hair over night to help it grow is  is olive and almond oil it really helps. I add a bit of almond oil mixed with olive and leave it over night at times and my hair has been growing and also it adds a bit of a shine .

[sorry if this sucks and sorry for taking to long to post again]

Im back

I know i have been the most unactive blogger but it has been very busy for me being at doctor appointment after doctor appointment i am happy that everything is ok. I have also been spending alot of time with my family but now i hope i am more active and all . I hope these holidays have been wonderful for all and i wish you all a amazing 2016