Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Janurary favorites

I have never done a monthly favorites so here it goes .

Harry potter
This past month my goal has been to finish the series of harry potter since i only ever got to book 5 and stopped and now i have restarted over and honestly its like amazing Ive missed so much. My favorite character of the series has to be Hagrid I don't know we share the same taste in the weird and magical things aka dragons.

Where do i start with this woman she is amazing not just cause of her voice but of a inspiration she is. Yes her songs may be about break ups but honestly the lyrics to her songs are so powerful and just damn.My favorite songs by her are Take it all, rumor has it, Love in the dark, All I ask and many more.

Girl meets world
I have barley started watching this show and i am already obsessed, I don't care about no ships but the message the show gives off in every episode. Although if someone were to ask me what ships i like um Rucas and Markle and kinda Josaya its a eh.

so for a while i had been craving chocoflan and my lovely father bought me some a few weeks ago and oh my goodness Im just soo happy that their are people who exist that make the wonderful cakes that exist today.

Final Destination
I managed to watch all of the movies this month and goodness they are so stupid but interesting. They had me thinking like what if that were to happen, the premonitions and it creeped me out but it was really interesting in my opinion.

Carpool Kareoke 
James Cordon carpool kareoke is amazing. he basically stays an hour with a singer in a car and songs of the artist and chat my three personal favorites are:
 Adele Carpool
One Direction Carpool
Stevie Wonder Carpool
I Reccomend you watch them